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Harry potter slash Rp
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10 years after Graduation and the death of the dark lord, the Death Eaters come back, and its up to all the charicters we know and love to stop them!
1) this is slash, it will have slash, so no one can complain, but it is still a pg-13 community!
2)no one is invinsble! thye can be strong, but please amit when your beaten!
3) please e-mail me or post to tell me the charicter you would like to play as, first come first serve!
4)no more than 2 charicters per person, and please make sure that we can understand who your playing as!
5) all orignal charicters must be aproved by me before you start playing! and i will need all their stats.

charicters and whos playing them:

Harry potter:
Draco Malfoy: Kit Maxwell
Ron weasley: n/a
hermione Granger: n/a
seamus Finnigan: Orion (Pandoraclamp)
Dean Thomas: n/a
Dumbledore: n/a
mcgonigal(sp) : n/a
Ginny Weasley: n/a
Bill weasley: n/a
Charlie Weasley: n/a
Oliver Wood:n/a
Cho Chang: n/a
if there is anyone else from the book that you would like to play that i did not mention, tell me.

Orignal Charicters and who plays them:

Kit Maxwell: Kit Maxwell
Aleida Maxwell: Aleida Maxwell

this RP will start when i Have 7 ppl signed up. you will know, becuse i will put in the firs RP entry

thank you for your time
Kit Maxwell
p.s: no non-rp chat in this, this is for the Rp only